Wouldn't it be nice to have a private financial manager?

• Full-Time Weekly Service

• Part-Time Monthly Service

• Full Bookkeeping Station setup and maintenance

• Home or small office networking setup and maintenance


Full-Time Service (Weekly)

Input of all bills to Quickbooks, checks printed weekly and brought to you for signing, routine monthly utility bills scheduled online, utility spreadsheet maintained weekly to ensure no service related bills are missing. All daily sales sheets entered into Quickbooks, monthly reconciliations including prep of monthly financial reports for review showing income, expenses, payroll etc., Quickbooks payroll processing, and employee pay checks, all tax related documents filed, and maintenance of all files (accounts files, employee files, vendor files, credit applications etc).

Part-Time Service (Monthly)

Monthly maintenance and consultation, monthly reconciliation of bank account, clean up, review of Quickbooks, preparation of monthly financial reports for review.

Full Bookkeeping Station:

We know how important organization is to small business. Lack of a functioning network can sometimes cost you countless lost hours of production as well as complicate the simplest of actions. In addition to offering bookkeeping functions, we can set up your office network as well as a full bookkeeping station so that your records are safe and secure.

  • Desktop Computer (PC or MAC)
  • Printer/scanner/Fax
  • Full version of latest Quickbooks Software w/ License
  • Installation and networking

Home or small office networking



  • Wireless network set-up
  • Network Shared Folders
  • Printer/Fax networking
  • Network Storage