QuickBooks Condense Services

Is your QuickBooks file sluggish?

Do you want to remove inactive Customers and Vendors?

If your QuickBooks file is very large, takes a long time to load or backup, or is over a few years old, Condensing the file can really help!

The Condense process simply creates a copy of only the last couple of years of your QuickBooks company file. (Though you can choose the date and year yourself!)  So your original file becomes an archive which can always be accessed anytime you need your old data. While your new data now resides in a smaller new file with all old transactions summarized at each previous end of year, and all inactive Customers and Vendors removed from the new file.

Shrink your Company File

Depending on how much of your old data you decide to keep in your new live file, you can expect to shrink the size of your file up to 25% of it's original size!

Remove Inactive Customers and Vendors

QuickBooks Pro and Premier have limits on how many names can be stored. If you're running up against these limits, condensing the file is a great option to free up this space.

Easy Access to Old Data 

Not only will you be able to access your historic data any time, we'll also mark the theme in a different color so there'll be no confusion with your live file. We can also lock the file for you so it can't be accidentally edited.

I’m a Staff Accountant at the Manhattan office of an international online ad agency. We’ve had a very busy past few years and our QB file was feeling the brunt of it. Our file was over 3 gigs and we had hundreds of inactive names. It was also freezing constantly. Josh worked over the weekend and by Monday morning our file was a quarter the size, and we were able to get right back to work! Josh even showed us how to access the old data any time. This has been a real lifesaver!
— Dari M. - New York, NY